You Are What You Eat.

A lot of people always say to me that they can never stick to a diet regime. The way I see it, the only solution is to not be on a diet. But before you reach for the cadburys and the deep-fried-something that’s not quite what I mean. To me eating healthy is totally different from being on a diet. Diets are ultimately about depriving yourself of something. I’m just not into that. What I am into is an honest way of eating. For example take a pizza. When you hear the word what does it make you think of? For me it reminds me of Italy. Simple, honest and nothing even remotely like what you would get from your local Pizza Hut.

One of our favourite things to do is make different versions of homemade pizza. It’s quick, simple and completely delicious. Here’s what we do:


You can make your own WHOLEFOOD dough (ie ensure it is made from whole wheat, rye etc.) But if you don’t have the time then pick up some whole wheat flatbread from your local bakery. My local Wholefoods Market always have a stack in their freshly baked section from a local bakery. The ingredients are all natural (there’s about 3 in total) and all in English (ie no preservatives or additives) and perfect for us when time is short.

Add to the flatbread some organic tomato paste or just simply chopped tomatoes and olive oil then put that under the grill for 5 mins to make the base crispy and to help support the weight of the toppings.

Because I love using seasonal ingredients we decided for these particular ones to use asparagus which really the Brits are quite good at, so the taste in Spring/early Summer is just phenomenal. And personally I prefer no meat on mine, but it’s really up to you! For these ones we shaved some asparagus then added black olives, fresh mozarella and red onions glazed in balsalmic vinegar. Then back under the grill until the topping is lightly browned. Et voila. So simple. So honest. So delicious.

So get off the ‘diet’. Start eating some real, fresh, honest food. And start enjoying it! Because you know what they say…you are what you eat!


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