Yes to Summer

Well, here we are in June and finally (at least for this week) it has felt a little like summer (let’s not get carried away, it is mostly around 22 degrees which down under is more like winter). But I do have to give the Brits one thing. The girls have got guts. I mean seriously David Cameron. If you are looking for some optimisim and a boost of confidence just look for a young woman heading out in June on a cool-and-somewhat-cloudy morning. Just a glimpse of the golden round thing in the sky and the British lasses have their pins out. I JUST LOVE IT. That is confidence for you.

But the actual point is that in this (somewhat late) moment as summer arrives I always do two things. Firstly step up my water intake to stay hydrated and secondly find a flippin’ great body moisturiser. I have to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot (read: obsession) with the Waitrose beauty aisle. No other supermarket even remotely compares in my humble opinion. Yes, they have the big names and popular off the shelf products, but what I really love is their ABUNDANCE of natural beauty products and within that a mixture of bigger brands and smaller, more unknown brands. It was here I discovered the Yes To range. Affordable, NATURAL (think organic fruit and veggies) products that make your skin glow and your heart happy. This brand is all about POSITIVITY. A portion of all proceeds from its Yes To Carrots product line is dedicated to the Yes To Carrots Seed Fund, a non-profit organization created to assist communities in need developing self-sustaining, organic food sources. They strive for sustainability and probably the most key for me is that the ENTIRE range is free from parabens, petroleum, SLS and phthalates. Ahh-maze-ing, said the allergy kid.

At the moment I am intensely in love with Yes to Carrots Super Rich Body Butter. OK. So let me break this down. The cream is NOT orange (the packaging is, you won’t miss it), it does NOT smell of carrots (instead it has a beautiful light, clean fragrance) and instead of being cake-like (as a lot of body butters I have used before are) the texture is creamy-but-not-too-thick. When you put it on your skin like a lot of other heavy duty moisturisers you don’t get that greasy-am-I-actually-working-as-a-mechanic feeling. Instead it literally melts into your skin. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, supple and hydrated. The whole thing is just DELICIOUS.

Yes to

Because of my super sensitive skin (I know, I hardly ever mention that to you) I also love the Yes To Cucumbers product and I use the Yes To Cucumbers Calming Shower Gel (smells like summer) and on the odd occasion when I am too exhausted to go through the whole cleansing routine I whip off my makeup with one of the face wipes which are the BEST I have used.

Now, I really do have to say bravo Waitrose. You’ve really out done yourselves selecting this brand because I’m sure you can only imagine how much it made my heart sing when I learned that this brand hails from Australia. GET IN THERE YOU AUSSIE BEAUTIES! And with distribution now in a staggering 29 countries and almost 30,000 stores (that was in 2012, it’s probably millions by now) I think we are going to see many great things from this brand. And even greater things for the natural beauty industry too. My heart skips a beat just thinking of the possibilities.

So off you pop down to Waitrose to grab a tub. Whack it on (and some SPF) and GET YOUR PINS OUT girls! Welcome to my life Summer! And carrots. And cucumbers.


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