Dry July

I don’t know about you, but from my experience here in the UK when British culture and Summer-time culture collide a few things happen which seriously challenge my healthy-state-of-mind. Firstly, all people know about sun protection seems to go out the window with the winter clothes we have just shed (seriously, take a look at the crispy red skin on display tomorrow) and secondly alcohol becomes our new summer bestie and seemingly all sunny occasions lead to a bottle of this or a pint of that. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not by any means advocating we hibernate for the summer and join a monastery, but I merely want to give you a little advice in moderation and balance.

We all know a little sun is good for us (Vitamin D hit, a few UV’s can lower blood pressure) and when it comes to alcohol IN MODERATION research has found it can have positive effects on cholesterol and blood sugar. Basically, the key lesson is MODERATION. (Yes, I did say that word twice in the space of two lines, because I REALLY mean it). Get the balance right and you’ll be winning. Because when you get in tune with your body through healthy diet, fitness and a healthy mind it starts to tell you things. You’ll know intuitively and through signs that your body give you exactly what you need. Smart, aren’t we?

Me personally, I’m feeling a little toxic. For a number of reasons. And that is why I’ve decided to go for Dry July (yup, the Aussies and the Kiwis are doing it, I’m rolling with it). Now, our mates down under are doing this for charity. I have friends that are doing this and I will proudly give money to support them. But I’m doing this for charity: Me. I’m doing this to give myself some serious SELF LOVE. When I cut out alcohol my skin gets infinitely better. Like, glowing kind of better. For me, the preservatives wreak havoc on my skin and honestly I feel much better without it. Then I add the other elements to my detox process. I start every day with warm water and squeeze of lemon. I indulge in delicious summer greens, other veg and fruit (by the truck load, organic, fresh and local – yummy!). I am going to get back into some serious running time – it’s my way of clearing my mind and exercising my body. And finally I am going to increase my morning meditation time and add in some yoga sessions.

For me it’s easy to stick to my plan because I know the way I will feel come August. It’s worth it. I’m craving it. I’m thankful for the opportunity. And I’m taking it. What about you? What are you going to do for yourself this month? Maybe it’s Dry July. Maybe it’s to eat delicious, healthy summer food. Or to get a little more exercise into your life. Even if it’s just to head on out and buy a bottle of mineral sun protection then GOOD FOR YOU. I’m proud of you for giving yourself some loving! And I am genuinely looking forward to hearing what you are doing this month for YOU.

Sending you an abundance of POSITIVE vibes, healthy thoughts and especially lots of LOVE (to get you started on the bunch of SELF love you’re about to hit yourself with).

Happy July! xxx

Dry July

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