Flower Power ✌

I’m definitely a beach kinda girl and those who know me wouldn’t say I have a green thumb either. However, I do like pretty flowers just like the next girl and whilst living in a green country like New Zealand it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I really started to appreciate the seasonality and beauty in gardens.

My fiancé and I are getting married this August and it was important to me to bring this element to our special day. After a brief google search, a train ride to Bath, a further train to Mells, (a tiny village in Somerset) I found a place that really makes my heart sing. Enter: The Walled Garden at Mells. (http://thewalledgardenatmells.co.uk) Which is yes, a garden…but also a café complete with wood fired pizza oven, and gorgeous greenhouse filled beautiful little antique treasures that you can buy.

We met Jodie who organises all wedding flowers out of a tiny shed which houses all her beautiful props within the garden and talked through our day, our ideas, and all things wedding. Not only was the process simple and enjoyable, but also our flowers are all British grown, locally sourced and seasonal. And will be perfect for our country wedding. I’m lucky because Mells is only 20 miles away from where we are getting married but they will drive up to 200 miles on the day to get these little seasonal beauties to you.

Now, I can hear you asking – why should we buy local, seasonal flowers? Well you intelligent question askers…did you know that currently more than 90% of the cut flowers sold in the UK are grown overseas? The average distance travelled per flower stem is 1,500 miles from field to shop. Yep, the carbon footprint alarm bells were ringing in my head too. The beauty of seasonal flowers is that it can bring us back to nature. Everyone knows that Spring is for asparagus (especially UK grown!) and Strawberries herald the beginning of summer. Flowers are the same. Think seasonal and get some advice here. Then look at my pretty pictures. Then tell me what a great photographer I am. Then take a visit to a little garden in a little village called Mells. Ok? OK.



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