Walnut Wednesday

Walnut Wednesday

Yesterday I posted this pic of my afternoon snack on my Instagram and a good friend pointed out that walnuts are not her fave. It is true that if a jar of mixed nuts is put in front of you Walnuts are often the hardest to crack (see what I did there?) Containing omega 3, protein, fibre and antioxidants this little thing is a POWERHOUSE of nutrients! Rich in B Vitamins they will make your skin glow and your hair shine. The goodies in this tiny little thing can also help protect against heart problems, and also reduce stress. They also contain melatonin which will help give you peaceful zzzz’s. Yup, it all sounds good right? Even still I always used to battle with the taste of walnuts…the reason is because the skin (the sometimes flaky outer most part) contains some bitterness. So I came up with a little salad which adds a little sweetness and my body somehow changed its mind about walnuts and I pretty much crave them errrry day! I’m a firm believer that as you put good, honest food into your body (ie fill it with nutrient packed food) that you become more and more in tune with your body and what you need to keep it at peak performance (ie looking fab, feeling fab). The more in tune you get the more your body will tell you what it needs. Well done me (and you!). #patontheback.

Because it’s Wednesday and everyone loves a 2-for-the-price-of-1 type situation as well as my yummy kale salad I’ll also let you in on my super yummy pesto recipe. It’s actually like every other pesto recipe known to man. Except instead of pine nuts I use walnuts. TRY IT. It’s so delish! Till next time walnut-lovers!


Kale Salad-that-will-make-you-love-walnuts:
Shred the kale
Generous glug of extra virgin olive oil
Generous splash of balsamic vinegar (the acidity softens the kale, the taste be-yond).
Handful of dried cranberries
Throw in some walnuts.
Marinate for 30 mins.

If raw kale is just not up you organic garden path then skip the marinating and gently sauté with a little water added to the above ingredients. (So yummy, the kale softens and the walnuts toast a little).

Sprinkle some goats cheese over the top.

Et Voila. Healthy, yummy and a sure fire way to get some walnut love.

Walnut Pesto:
A couple of handfuls gently packed fresh basil leaves
A couple of garlic cloves, roughly chopped
Handful of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
Handful of walnuts
Freshly ground black pepper
A generous few glugs of organic extra virgin olive oil

Blitz the walnuts and pepper

Add the basil and blitz that too With the food processor running add the organic extra virgin olive oil through the feed tube while it’s running.

The difference between GOOD pesto and bad pesto is the OLIVE OIL. Get a good one!

Add the parmesan cheese and blitz again.

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