Monday Treats

No one likes Mondays. Unless you are on a holiday. On an island. When basically Monday could be any day. So there’s only one thing to do about it. Treat your body to some super yummy, super healthy food for dinner…let the nutrients do their thing…and get yourself super primed to face Tuesday!

We still had some goodies leftover from our organic veg box from Homegrown Foods right here in Hong Kong, (more about that later, I’m in LOVE with them) so I chopped up some curly kale (the QUEEN of greens containing calcium, vitamin A, C, K and antioxidants. It can even lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease!), red cabbage, red onion and drizzled olive oil over the lot. Then I made up a dressing of ORGANIC mustard (I checked on some labels and a lot of WELL KNOWN brands all contain E Numbers! Yikes!), white balsamic vinegar and a splash of lemon. Then I tossed the dressing through the kale, cabbage, onion combo. Then I let it marinate for about 30 mins. The leaves go deliciously tangy and softer. Then I gently sautéed (not too much as I didn’t want to remove all the goodness!), added some red quinoa and at the end sprinkled some cranberries over the top.

There is absolutely NO filter on this pic…because the colours are just so amazing! My husband kept trying to steal more off my plate it was so delicious!  photo

So there Monday! COME AT US TUESDAY!

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