Get What You Want

Mood Board; Noun. An arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

In my humble opinion everyone should have a mood board. A place where you can collect your thoughts, visually express yourself, inspire yourself, set goals for yourself and generally keep your mind focused. As you switch images, words, colours etc. in and out of your mood board you will not only get closer to what it is you want (today, tomorrow, in life etc…) but you will also get to know yourself better and ultimately have a better sense of self-worth. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing and if you really focus positive ideas and combine this with positive energy every day then for sure it will manifest itself and it will happen.

You may choose to have a physical board that you cut clippings out for or you may choose to let your inner Gen-Y come out and collate your images on line or simply make folders on your phone. Whichever way you do it you have to look at it every day. Look at it in the morning when you wake up and look at it before you go to sleep. Meditate upon it. Really be in the moment of knowing what you like (know yourself) and what you want (what your goals are). Focus on it intently. Don’t think about anything else in this moment. Breathe.

For me having a mood board is a sacred practice that actually I have become a little lazy in completing. But I’m ready to get re-focused, ready to reset some goals and find ways to express my visions, my thoughts and myself. The reason this has been brought back to my attention is because when I was in New Zealand recently my beautiful Mama gave me a gift. It was a mood flip chart. It literally is a little flip chart with different moods on different pages. I love finding what my mood is and actually when you know what your mood is it actually helps you to embrace it/reset it/get focused on it. Knowledge is powerful.

Because I’m a massive fan of share-sies I’ve decided to put elements of my mood board on to my brand spanking new Tumblr site. I plan to put up images that inspire me, quotes that motivate me and follow people who do the same. You can check it out and follow me here. Hopefully this will inspire you in working on yours, setting goals for yourself, focusing your mind and achieving your dreams. So what are you waiting for? If a picture says a thousand words, just imagine what a whole board would tell you.


Good luck filling in your blank canvas!

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