Spring Cleaning

Let’s be honest…remember the 1st of January 2014? When you made all those promises to yourself? Your resolve to make yourself a better (read: thinner, healthier, richer, wiser…you get the picture) person? Yeah. Pretty much gone along with the last days of winter right? Well FEAR NOT because round 2 is coming up. That’s right, you heard me. SPRING. Nature’s beautiful gift to us after the winter…I mean seriously…even the EARTH rejuvenates itself (herself? I’m not sure…) how incredible is that? Kind of puts my little day to day tasks in perspective really! So in this time of refresh, re-balance and new beginning here is my little to do list to Spring Clean your life. I’ve only included 3 things because no one likes a long list and if you can change even one of these things then I truly believe your life will improve exponentially.
So here we go:

1. Spring Clean your fridge (and your cupboards). Yup, that’s right…get rid of all that nasty non-food that you have in there. Wanna eat better? Get prepared! Fill your kitchen with yummy, healthy food that will give your body the nutrients it needs to do its job. (If you need me to spell this out what I’m saying is get more fruit and veg in your life! Toss out the high sugar, processed alternatives and switch to good honest natural food).

2. Spring clean your fitness regime. The mornings are getting lighter and brighter (and warmer!) and it’s time to use your ‘outdoor gym’. See if you can change up some of your gym routines or cardio sessions and go outside for a run, go for a hike…basically get some sunshine and some fresh air into you! You’ll feel a million times better for it…change is always good for motivation and the fresh air will do wonders for your skin (versus the air conditioned alternatives).

3. Spring clean your mind. Start your day with 2-3 minutes (and build up from there) of meditation. Clear your mind of all the millions of thoughts that will race through it during the day and just be at peace with yourself. Do some yoga. Become a hippie. (Too far?) To put it more simply, go back to basics. If a situation isn’t working for you GET OUTTA THERE. Life is too short. Getting peace and focus in your mind will help you to figure out what’s working and when you should be running for the hills. (or the yoga studio, or the commune).

And that’s it! Spring has sprung. Get involved.

source: weheartit.com


  1. spring is about flowers


  2. Great ideas. I definitely need to spring clean the fridge…thanks for the post!

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