Lights Out!


When I was a little girl I was sure my life calling was to be a marine biologist. I was so in love with dolphins, whales and beautiful creatures of the ocean. (I still am actually!) So much so that I dragged my Dad with me down to the Greenpeace office so that I could join in person. I vaguely remember their smiles and “you know you can join via the post (pre-internet tech-savvy days I think!) right?” comments. Well. All I can say is we are who we are. And whilst I may not have turned into the environmental scientist, the environment is still firmly under my protection. Which is just one of the reasons why I think Earth Hour is so important to raise our awareness for what we are doing to our planet.

Earth Hour is happening TOMORROW Saturday 29th March from 8.30pm – 9.30pm. The idea is that you turn off all non-essential lights for the hour. After a little research here’s a few things happening here in Hong Kong to celebrate the hour:

– For the 6th year in a row Hong Kong’s famous skyline will go dark. You can pop down to the Central and Western District Promenade (Central Station) from 7.30pm to get involved in the countdown event with WWF.

– The Eaton Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui is celebrating with an Organic Drinks Party and some live performances.

– On Hong Kong Island side check out one of my all time favourite places in HK – Grassroots Pantry. They are celebrating with a candlelit super special 3 course ‘Be Raw’ menu and biodynamic and organic wine pairing!

– The Upper House will be replacing lights with candles at 8.30pm.

Wherever you are in the world…what are you going to do to celebrate our beautiful planet and raise awareness for more sustainable practices? Even if it’s as simple as turning the lights off in your house for an hour the little Greenpeace activist inside me applauds you.

Happy Earth Hour!


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