I’m On A Mission

You better sit down for this…I don’t want to shock you so much that you fall over…but guess what? WE ARE MORE THAN HALF WAY THROUGH 2014. I mean, honestly. Where did the first half go??! So…how are you? I haven’t been by in a while. We’ve had a new addition (puppy, not baby!) to our little family and in all honesty my world has revolved around (picking up after) her!

Anyway, back to the calendar. Are you where you thought you would be more than 6 months after your gallant New Year’s Resolutions? Personally, I am not. Settling into Hong Kong life/new Mama life/stressful day job life I can honestly say that the first thing I let slip was my writing. In doing so I felt as if I had lost my purpose, my passion and I guess ultimately my sense of self. I’ve been digging through the archives and I am proud to say inspired by my own writing to get my goals back on track. I also know that writing helps me to keep that focus. But more than that…I’m on a mission. An unwavering force to accomplish my goals and follow my dreams. I’m on a quest for ‘Now’. To be completely present in this moment.

At this half way point, take a moment to reflect on your year so far…I hope it’s everything you have dreamed, worked, refined and then worked some more for!

K. x


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  1. the best one, now;-)

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