I’ve got a Juicy secret to tell you…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or two you’re sure to know that the world of Juicing (Cold Pressed and Organic that is, not the vaguely-fruit-but-mostly-sugar substance that comes in an orange coloured carton) is on the up and up in a BIG way. In my humble opinion I would say the Aussie’s are paving the way, the Brits caught on and were really getting into it as I was leaving London 9 months ago and these days Hong Kong is catching on in a big way!

Living in Hong Kong as a vegetarian is hard enough…throw in the need for locally sourced, organic healthy food and you’re basically trying to channel Tom Cruise because it’s freaking Mission Impossible! BUT, just hang on a minute there TC because the tide is turning. Not only are super little cafés and restaurants opening up-slash-taking off that literally make my heart sing but Juicing is taking centre stage in a big way.

So, what is all the fuss about? Well, quite simply it is a super easy and incredibly delicious way to get your skin glowing and to support your body to optimal health. You remember that whole 5-a-day thing (which is now 7+ a day unless you also missed that whilst hanging out under the rock), let’s be honest…it’s hard! Even if you are a veggie loving tree hugger like me! Juicing makes it super easy to hit that target and you absorb all of the nutrients. And what about this cold pressed garble? Well, not all juices are created equal. When fruit and veg is pressed (and not heated like through a more traditional centrifugal juicer) the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Ding dong.

As well as the cold pressed thing it’s also super important to go ORGANIC. No chemicals, no pesticides thank you very much! Derr. We’re trying to put GOOD things in our body. Enough said.

And what about a juice cleanse vs. adding juice into your diet? Well, as with many things in life MODERATION is key. Doing a 3-5 day juice cleanse will absolutely reboot your system, give you a kick start on a health path and also leave your skin radiant. But fruit and veggie juice is not a complete food. Our bodies also need (good) fats, proteins etc. So sipping on a juice to go with a super healthy lunch or as a mid-morning pick me up is also all good for your body.

Anyway. As you may know I’m on a MISSION and one of the things I’ve done is find my favourite Juicey goodness here in Hong Kong. Actually, there are plenty of uber cool peeps bringing us the good stuff and whilst I could sit here and talk about them all for days it wouldn’t be right not to talk about the FAB-slash-beautiful-slash-super-smart gals at The Genie Juicery. Opening their first store in IFC in August (my office is next door, I’m on the edge of my seat. THE EDGE!) These 2 babes have created a beautiful, delicious juice menu made with a state of the art hydraulic cold press machine (the juice that is, not the menu) but what really makes my heart sing is that they donate $$ from every cleanse purchased to a local Hong Kong charity. Beautiful. And this month’s charity is the Elephant Rescue and Survival Foundation which is like double points because I LOVE ANIMALS.

Overall, juicing is an amazing way to tune your body and give it the nutrients to perform at its best. But remember to always listen to your body. Especially when you are doing a juice cleanse. Personally, the more I fine tune my body the more I notice it tells me things. Give to your body and it will give back 10-fold. You’re amazing, aren’t you?


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  1. […] There are TWENTY-SIX amazing different juices and smoothies to choose from! They are super delicious and super healthy – cold pressed, raw living juice! If you’ve been following my blog (THANK YOU, I am so grateful that you are!) then you will know that I gave you the heads up about my favourite HK juicery opening its doors as well as the ins and outs of juicing too. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can catch up here. […]


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