The Shade Hunter Loves Organic Oil

I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But there is a typhoon coming. For those of you outside of Hong Kong I’m not speaking figuratively. Erm, where did the beautiful sunshine go? As my first summer here in Hong Kong I see I have a lot to learn! Anyway. Seeing as this weekend it seems we will be forced inside I think that it’s a great moment to take a little shade from the big yellow star and have a little TLC for our skin moment.
Coming from down under where it seems that pesky hole in the ozone layer has focused itself on that specific geographical area it has been instilled in me from a young age that you must always be sun smart. Sun block, hats, shade…you get the gist. In fact I distinctly remember watching the weather each night just so we would know the burn time. Scary stuff. What’s even scarier is the hours that we used to spend frolicking in the sun – sans protection, all to get the bronzed glow. Fast forward to my adult years and I am now The Shade Hunter and an anti-aging extremist. Sadly though, my wild younger years drinking in the sun have left my skin with pigmentation which combined with my allergies, leads to dry irritated skin.

The good news is I can fix all our problems with one word. Oils. Actually, let me revise that to two words. Organic Oils. Easy to use, super effective and leave you smelling delicious.

Here’s my go to guide on the oils that I use (3 things as always), and what they’re good for:

Rosehip Oil: This little beauty is best for reducing scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation from sun damage or aging skin and also improves the skins firmness and elasticity. It is rich in powerful antioxidants which deeply nourish your skin and reduce healing time.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba is actually a shrub and the oil is produced from the seeds. It is extremely versatile. You can use it as a makeup remover, facial cleanser and moisturiser and on your face and your body and you can also use it on the kids!

Argan Oil: Did someone say humidity? Frizzy, dry, flyaway…ringing any bells with those trying to survive the hot summer months? Hailing from Morrocco and made by cold pressing Argan tree nuts, this “liquid gold” is perfect for taming your mane. It makes your hair soft, and glow-ey. (That’s not a word, but just work with me here) It’s also good for people like moi with allergies or sensitive skin because it’s soothing and gentle on your skin.

You have more questions, don’t you?

Don’t wanna resemble an oil slick during the day? Got that covered too. Here’s the thing…our body naturally produces oil (sebum if you want to get all technical about it), if we strip that oil away or body triggers that we need to produce more oil. If you add oil your body senses that there is enough and does not produce more. Good body.

If your skin is dry the great thing about oil is that it is not water based and therefore cannot evaporate instead just soaking into your skin and doing it’s thang.

If you feel that oil is a bit too heavy (or maybe you live in 35 degree, 95% humidity Hong Kong heat) then just pop a few drops into your moisturiser. Does the trick without mimicking aforementioned oil slick.

Finally, I know its summer…but remember to take care of your skin and don’t undo all your hard work! See you under a palm tree…

The Shade Hunter. x

The Argan Tree in all her beauty.

The Argan Tree in all her beauty.

Image credit: Thinkstock

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