There is no such thing as Junk Food!

I am a big fan of the beautiful Lola Berry. If you don’t know who I’m talking about get out from under that rock because today is your lucky day! If you do know, then you will agree. Nutritionist, author, social media queen, you-tuber and all round grounded Aussie gal it’s hard not to be infected with her love for real food and nature. Last week as I was catching up on her You Tube channel (think recipe inspo in an easy to follow and fun manner) that I came across something Ms Berry had said that really resonated with me. It was:

“There is no such thing as junk food. There is junk and then there is REAL food. So eat real food”.

If I could sum up my philosophy about food this would be it. As you know time in the kitchen with my husband cooking our meals with real food and so much love (whilst our puppy leans on the small step into the kitchen like it’s some kind of breakfast bar!) feeds my soul. I am truly at peace at this time. It’s a ritual for us. We love cooking food that is healthy and delicious! There is so much joy in these moments.

A while back I posted about ‘You Are What You Eat’. You can read about that here. It is so true! I love turning something that is normally viewed as unhealthy and turning into something that is both nutritious and yummy! My philosophy is to use whole foods, organic foods, and as much plant based foods as possible. Try to make everything from scratch rather than buying packaged, processed alternatives. If you do find that you are time-poor and this just isn’t a reality for you (read: we are all busy) then get to know labels. Always try to ensure there are as few ingredients as possible and if you don’t understand something then put it back on the shelf and step away. It really makes a difference. Whenever you can buy local (and therefore seasonal) and buy organic.

So back to my original point. There really is no such thing as junk food. Choose real food every time. If you follow this simple food philosophy I promise you, you will never have to watch your weight. You will be healthy, your skin will be glow-ey and the simple act of cooking with loved ones will really make your heart sing.

Happy Weekend Lovelies! x

If you want to get in the loop on Lola Berry check out her Instagram @yummololaberry or go direct to her website.

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