Summer Holiday Vibing


Summer holiday. Yes, it’s a luxury. But in our modern day ‘busy’ lives it is essential that we take the time to re-charge our batteries. Take a break from your surroundings, from your normal day to day life and get a little perspective. Anything that can promote relaxation, get your creativity flowing and unwind from the chronic stress that affects your daily life will improve your overall health. With that said, let’s add beach. Sun. Palm tree. Relaxation. And of course, you want to enjoy some good food and possibly the odd cocktail or three. My advice? GO FOR IT. These moments of pure relaxation and joy are healing and nourishing for our souls. But who says that you have to leave all of your normal day-to-day life behind? My body feels so good when I’m healthy – I genuinely crave nutritious food and my morning smoothie! So why should that change on holibobs? It doesn’t have to. It just takes a little bit of prep work.

My husband and I are off to Thailand on Friday and I for one cannot wait for some serious down time. Time to surrender myself to the universe, do some writing and most of all celebrate one year of being married to the man of my dreams! So this weekend I popped into my fave local, Just Green (which quite frankly is a place which just makes my heart sing) to stock up on our holiday essentials. Here’s what I got:

  • Chemical free SPF by Badger. You know my feelings on skin damage!
  • Travel size shampoo and conditioner to nourish my locks after beach/sun exposure by Acure
  • All natural soap with coconut and papaya to keep my skin moisturized and toxin free (I NEVER use soap provided by hotels).
  • Aloe vera gel to soothe skin after any sun exposure
  • A natural travel candle. This may seem excessive. But as a seasoned traveller let me tell you, it’s super luxe to light a candle; it makes anywhere feel more homely, it sorts out “hotel” smells. And it aids relaxation. If you’ve never done it before you should definitely get involved.
  • Plant based smoothie sachets. We will buy all the fresh ingredients to go with locally.
  • Go Stak containers for my essential-can’t-live-without smoothie boosters like spirulina, maca and bee pollen.

Aside from these I will also be packing my trainers and my yoga mat. Firstly there is no better way to find your way around than going for a run and secondly not only can I not survive without my morning yoga sesh, but how beautiful to be able to practice outside/beachside!

Balance is the key to everything. Keep a little of your normal routine and most of all enjoy yourself!

Happy Summer Holiday Vibes!


PS. I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned brands, they are simply the ones I personally prefer and which are readily available in Hong Kong.

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  1. Have fun in Thailand! I heard its beautiful there.


    1. Thanks lovely! Can’t wait to get there – will definitely post pics! x


  2. Mama C. · · Reply

    Enjoy your well earned break sweetie.


    1. Thanks Mama x


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