Hitting the Re-set Button

As I sit here in Ko Samui I can honestly say my breath has been taken away…there is so much beauty here. The ocean, the swaying palm trees and the friendly Thai people. Here I feel truly at peace. But it’s more than a little relaxation. It’s a deep connection – a grounding to the earth. Sometimes in our busy day to day lives we become so overcome with chronic stress and fatigue that we lose some of our prana or energy or life force. This is when we fall ill. It’s why it’s so important we take time out. Take time to focus inwardly. Focus on yourself. For me this week in the midst of my relaxation I aim to cover a lot.

My first aim is to disconnect. By that I mean that I take some time to disconnect from technology, disconnect from the stress and frantic feelings instilled by my Hong Kong life. In order to do this, I must surrender. Sometimes even when we are on holiday you can feel guilty if you don’t have something planned or aren’t dining out at a restaurant. Today I can honestly say I feel exhausted. I can feel the feelings of stress, fatigue and worry leaving my body. Through daily practice of yoga and meditation I want to reset my body and my mind. Cleanse it if you will. My husband who works an incredibly stressful job is fast asleep. Our bodies all react differently and it’s up to each of us to listen to what it’s telling us – surrender to it – and heal yourself.

The Universe knows what it’s doing, because just at the right time The Broad Place’s 7 Day Mind Cleanse appeared on my horizon and it’s why I’ve decided that it’s the right moment to do it here on this beautiful island where I feel consumed by my connection to nature. You can read more about The Broad Place and the 7 Day Mind Cleanse here.

Finally, I plan to read a lot. As you know, I am a huge advocate for knowledge. The more we educate ourselves and learn the more informed we are, the better decisions we make and we ultimately put ourselves in a better position to, in some small way, make a difference in the world. I think I’ve known since I was a little girl that I am supposed to do that. It’s funny what comes back to you when you take time to just be.

The best part is, you needn’t come all the way to Thailand to do re-set your life (although I would highly recommend it!), you can do all of the above in your normal life. Set time aside to connect to nature and connect to yourself. Even if it means going for your morning run outside rather than on the treadmill. Or reading a book instead of checking your social media. Meditate or practice yoga to start your day, instead of throwing down breakfast and rushing out the door. I promise you, you will reap the benefits and you will find your life will change in the most amazing ways.


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