Extreme Joyriding: Long walks, Nature and Coconuts

As part of my 7 Day Mind Cleanse from The Broad Place one of my ‘tasks’ for the week is to actively take part in Joyriding. Which simply means the art of doing something that makes you happy. Yesterdays Joyride was beyond indulgent. We walked for 2 hours along the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life under the warm sun thinking about how amazing nature is. Then we found what can only be described as a small hut, ate a delicious lunch and then treated ourselves to a coconut oil massage. I’m going to put myself out there and say that this is extreme joyriding!

photo 2

Laying in the massage hut listening to the waves crashing on the sand whilst my skin drank in the beautiful Samui coconut oil was next level amazing. I know there is a lot of buzz around this magical elixir these days. Pressed from the fruit of the coconut palm tree, coconut oil is ideal for cooking because it has a high saturated fat content. You can use it to cook at high temperatures and even leave it at room temperature for months without it going rancid. It is an extremely stable oil. But what I want to really talk about though is the benefits of coconut oil on your skin. Given my sensitive skin, allergies and eczema I cannot rave enough about it.

In tropical places, such as Samui, the benefits of coconut oil are old news. The locals have been slathering it on their skin for donkeys years because they know that it protects their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. I can hear you asking how? Well, coconut oil is predominantly made up of medium chain fatty acids. When you apply it to your skin it leaves it feeling smooth and soft to the touch because the fats hold the moisture in your skin. The oil also contains Capric, Caprylic and Lauric acid all of which have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties (obvs why the lady in the massage hut put pure coconut oil on my husband’s grazed knee – I’m telling you, these peeps know what they’re doing!). Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, which further nourishes your skin.

Now. I’m no dermatologist, and I must start by saying that topical treatment and supplementation can take you to a point, but in my humble opinion for skin issues (eczema, dermatitis etc) you need to address your diet first to fix the underlying issues. At least in my experience that has what worked for me. After that coconut oil has been my savior. It soothes itchiness, irritation and inflammation. I cannot recommend it enough if you have these kinds of skin issues.

I can safely say my extreme joyriding brought pure bliss into my life. I slept in the deepest sleep last night. And this morning my body feels rejuvenated.

To find out more about how you can get yourself in on the action check out The Broad Place and look up 7 Day Mind Cleanse.

photo 1photo 3

Sending love from Samui. x

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