Life Lessons from Ko Samui


Well, it’s coming to the end of what has been an amazing week here in the south of Samui. I have celebrated one year of being married to my best friend, completed The Broad Place’s 7 Day Mind Cleanse, practiced yoga every day and planned a helluva lot of new and exciting things but more than anything I have gained total clarity and peace. I feel completely at ease with myself. I feel connected to the earth and to myself. It has been a week of total surrender – as in just letting myself go – being lazy! And it feels great!

So to wrap it all up I would like to share with you my life lessons from Ko Samui – the good, the bad and the ugly! Here goes:

  • Smile A LOT. Everyone and anyone will smile back at you here. Happiness is infectious and smiling at total strangers is a major pharell-style kind of happy moment. (I have subconsciously been singing this song in my head all week).
  • Drive sloooowly. This is island life! No need to rush. If you do you will likely knock an unsuspecting moped rider off the road. There are really very few road rules aside from this. But the lesson here is that direction is so much more important than speed. So many people are going nowhere. Fast.
  • Restaurants open and close as and when the please. These eateries generally close when they run out of food (and they are not worried about it). Work ethic and balance in life is paramount. We often work until we almost kill ourselves. Here they work to get by and spend the rest of the time enjoying life. #amazing
  • Coconut oil is the one and only thing to protect your skin from sun. Slather in on, skin stays protected and hydrated. It will also heal wounds. It is a miracle worker and it’s all natural.
  • Go to the south side of the island (this is where we have stayed) it is unspoiled and utterly breathtaking. You will have to share most beaches with about 3 other people (I’m talking miles and miles of beach) and if you can find it there is a stretch of beach south of Lamai where you will find the Coco Massage Hut. These beautiful ladies know how to massage! You have to walk to get there, but the lesson is that when you work for it you should treat yourself! The second lesson is that nature is beautiful. Better we leave it be if it’s already so perfect. Which leads me to my next lesson…
  • The palm trees on Samui are dying. We were told it is because the squirrels are getting eaten by humans and it is the squirrels that would normally eat the beetles which are decaying the palm trees. Some conscious landowners are protecting their palm trees by putting some sort of chemical in to kill the beetles. I feel so conflicted about this! But it is a major lesson! Humans have such a destructive effect on the earth. Tread lightly. Think about your actions. And always consider the planet. We only have one.
  • As a proud puppy Mama and animal lover it saddens my heart to see so many stray dogs around the island. If you are a pet owner be responsible. Love your animals and make sure you are 100% ready for the commitment before you take on one!
  • Possibly the only things that saddens me more is the existence of elephant rides, tiger zoos and the like. How dare we keep these beautiful animals (and in terrible conditions!) captive.. Never ever go to these things because you will only be showing support for something totally inhumane.

And because I don’t want to finish on a sad note (because my time here truly has been amazing, I will never forget you Samui!) This is perhaps the biggest lesson for me overall.

  • For me island life means to live a more simple life. Most people here have very little. I have yet to find one unhappy and ungrateful local. Live with less. You will have SO much more.

So the sun has set on another amazing holiday. Thank you Ko Samui for all the lessons this week. We will definitely be back! x

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  1. David Cookson · · Reply

    Very nice reading and it is all so true… :o) Mama C.


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