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We Have Moved!

WE HAVE MOVED! Hey Guys! I want to say a huge THANK YOU for following my blog. It has been an amazing journey and I have loved every moment of Naturally Ever After…thank you so much for sticking with me! The good news is…I’m not going far! What started as a little blog with a […]

Goji Goodness

Hey Lovely! This week a good friend of mine asked me when my next blog post was coming. I told him to check out instagram as I have been doing a series of ‘mini-blogs’ on there. He gently reminded me that not all of us are on instagram(!) so I thought it only fair that […]

Next Stop…

Hey there Lovely! Thanks for stopping by…I wanted to firstly say a huge THANK YOU to you for stopping by to read my blog. I am truly so grateful that you take time to fit it into your day. It makes my heart sing! So I wanted to let you know…something exciting is happening. I […]

Life Lessons from Ko Samui

Well, it’s coming to the end of what has been an amazing week here in the south of Samui. I have celebrated one year of being married to my best friend, completed The Broad Place’s 7 Day Mind Cleanse, practiced yoga every day and planned a helluva lot of new and exciting things but more […]

Extreme Joyriding: Long walks, Nature and Coconuts

As part of my 7 Day Mind Cleanse from The Broad Place one of my ‘tasks’ for the week is to actively take part in Joyriding. Which simply means the art of doing something that makes you happy. Yesterdays Joyride was beyond indulgent. We walked for 2 hours along the most beautiful beach I have […]

Hitting the Re-set Button

As I sit here in Ko Samui I can honestly say my breath has been taken away…there is so much beauty here. The ocean, the swaying palm trees and the friendly Thai people. Here I feel truly at peace. But it’s more than a little relaxation. It’s a deep connection – a grounding to the […]

Summer Holiday Vibing

Summer holiday. Yes, it’s a luxury. But in our modern day ‘busy’ lives it is essential that we take the time to re-charge our batteries. Take a break from your surroundings, from your normal day to day life and get a little perspective. Anything that can promote relaxation, get your creativity flowing and unwind from […]


MAJOR EMPOWERMENT ALERT: Last week this video of New York ballerina Misty Copeland went viral and I honestly cannot stop watching it! I don’t know if it’s because I used to do ballet or simply because it is just so darn inspiring….whatever the reason, Misty Copeland I am in total awe of you. Having faced some […]

Bronzed Skin for The Shade Hunter

Honestly. Don’t you just love summer? I mean, it’s ridiculous! Warm days, amazing fruits and vegetables in season, outdoor exercise and if you live in Hong Kong only the occasional typhoon to contend with! Yep, I can’t complain. I know there’s one thing you think I left off my list – a glowing summer tan. […]

Breakfast to Feed Your Soul

One of the things in life that really irks me (do people still use that expression?) is breakfast cereal. It’s a part of the culture I grew up with (“….kids are Weet-bix kids”, anyone?) and over the years ingrained into our (westernized) psyche to start the day this way – and yet it is possibly […]


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