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We Have Moved!

WE HAVE MOVED! Hey Guys! I want to say a huge THANK YOU for following my blog. It has been an amazing journey and I have loved every moment of Naturally Ever After…thank you so much for sticking with me! The good news is…I’m not going far! What started as a little blog with a […]

The Shade Hunter Loves Organic Oil

I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But there is a typhoon coming. For those of you outside of Hong Kong I’m not speaking figuratively. Erm, where did the beautiful sunshine go? As my first summer here in Hong Kong I see I have a lot to learn! Anyway. Seeing as this weekend it seems we […]

Beauty Secrets

“PARABEN-FREE” has fast become the new buzz word (or would that be two word hyphenate?) And you know…when we see that something is ‘free’ of something don’t you think your mind automatically tells you that it must be a good thing? But do you even know what a paraben is? My number one rule is EDUCATE yourself. […]

Big In Japan

Let’s face it. Japanese women are beautiful. Generally speaking the women are teeny tiny and even more annoyingly they don’t seem to get old either. In recent years thanks to mass global media Japanese beauty has been glamorised (think the latest Wolverine installment, Memoirs of a Geisha and of course where it all started Crouching Tiger […]

A Plane Ride Here…Kora Organics There…

I am very lucky. My day job means that I get to travel a lot and so I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to see the world. I’m also extremely grateful that my company makes me as comfortable as possible when I am on the road. So I don’t mean to sound ungrateful when […]

Mug Love

I don’t know about you, but facials do something for me. Quite frankly, I see them as a necessity. Even though I have a fairly regimented skin care regime (and an even more regimented natural-eating regime: you are what you eat, end of.) every so often a facial can clear your pores, brighten dull skin […]

Yes to Summer

Well, here we are in June and finally (at least for this week) it has felt a little like summer (let’s not get carried away, it is mostly around 22 degrees which down under is more like winter). But I do have to give the Brits one thing. The girls have got guts. I mean […]

Go Shorty. It’s Your Birthday.

50 cent was honestly thinking of me when he coined the phrase. I mean. I’m short. AND IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!  Today I am grateful for all the years of my life so far and all the years that are still to come.  And all the amazing people that I have in my life today. When […]

My Big Secret…

A lot of my friends ask me which foundation I use. And of course I have a favorite (which is another blog post for another day) because the most important thing to know is that the better your skin condition the better the foundation will look (and actually you will find less need for said […]


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