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We Have Moved!

WE HAVE MOVED! Hey Guys! I want to say a huge THANK YOU for following my blog. It has been an amazing journey and I have loved every moment of Naturally Ever After…thank you so much for sticking with me! The good news is…I’m not going far! What started as a little blog with a […]

Next Stop…

Hey there Lovely! Thanks for stopping by…I wanted to firstly say a huge THANK YOU to you for stopping by to read my blog. I am truly so grateful that you take time to fit it into your day. It makes my heart sing! So I wanted to let you know…something exciting is happening. I […]

Extreme Joyriding: Long walks, Nature and Coconuts

As part of my 7 Day Mind Cleanse from The Broad Place one of my ‘tasks’ for the week is to actively take part in Joyriding. Which simply means the art of doing something that makes you happy. Yesterdays Joyride was beyond indulgent. We walked for 2 hours along the most beautiful beach I have […]

Hitting the Re-set Button

As I sit here in Ko Samui I can honestly say my breath has been taken away…there is so much beauty here. The ocean, the swaying palm trees and the friendly Thai people. Here I feel truly at peace. But it’s more than a little relaxation. It’s a deep connection – a grounding to the […]

Summer Holiday Vibing

Summer holiday. Yes, it’s a luxury. But in our modern day ‘busy’ lives it is essential that we take the time to re-charge our batteries. Take a break from your surroundings, from your normal day to day life and get a little perspective. Anything that can promote relaxation, get your creativity flowing and unwind from […]

The Shade Hunter Strikes Again

Have you got Monday blues? Don’t worry. I’ve got some VERY good news for you…. YOU NEED TO GO SHOPPING It’s ok, thank me later (as if you needed your arm twisting!). You want to know why? Summer is here. I mean we’re just about in August and everyone is getting ready for a (northern […]

I’m On A Mission

You better sit down for this…I don’t want to shock you so much that you fall over…but guess what? WE ARE MORE THAN HALF WAY THROUGH 2014. I mean, honestly. Where did the first half go??! So…how are you? I haven’t been by in a while. We’ve had a new addition (puppy, not baby!) to […]

STOP the Glorification of BUSY

One of the most common responses I get from people when I ask them how they are is “I’m so busy with <usually work, but insert anything here>”. I don’t want to be rude. But actually when I hear this I just want to tell the person to stop. Just stop it. The reality is […]

Mind Full, or Mindful?

These last few days at work for me have been crazy busy. You know those days when you actually just feel like you’re spinning because everything is moving at such a fast pace that you find yourself trying to do 239 things at once as well as fit in a daily workout, eat well, feed […]

Post MFW Round Up (That’s #MeatFreeWeek, not Milan Fashion Week)

So…I did it. One week totally meat free. I’ll be honest…it wasn’t actually that hard for me. I LOVE plant based meals. Sometimes red meat makes my skin itch (seriously, what ARE they putting in it??) and if I’m really truthful I don’t always trust where meat is coming from here in Hong Kong. So I […]


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