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Mind Full, or Mindful?

These last few days at work for me have been crazy busy. You know those days when you actually just feel like you’re spinning because everything is moving at such a fast pace that you find yourself trying to do 239 things at once as well as fit in a daily workout, eat well, feed […]

Big In Japan

Let’s face it. Japanese women are beautiful. Generally speaking the women are teeny tiny and even more annoyingly they don’t seem to get old either. In recent years thanks to mass global media Japanese beauty has been glamorised (think the latest Wolverine installment, Memoirs of a Geisha and of course where it all started Crouching Tiger […]

A Plane Ride Here…Kora Organics There…

I am very lucky. My day job means that I get to travel a lot and so I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to see the world. I’m also extremely grateful that my company makes me as comfortable as possible when I am on the road. So I don’t mean to sound ungrateful when […]


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